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Accelerated Spanish uses a different approach to learning a foreign language. For visual learners there are colorful posters on the walls for photographic memory. For hands-on learners, there is a game for each new subject area you learn. For traditional learners, there is a book for each level. You don't need to be a singer to sing in Spanish. With the right mindset, you can identify 50 objects after practicing only 10 minutes. At the end of each session, put all you've learned in long-term memory with the help of soft music. Accelerated Spanish is all this and more. This method has great techniques to help students learn a perfect Spanish accent.

Accelerated Spanish I (24 Hours)
Do you want to speak Spanish from day one? In this conversational Spanish class, where after just one hour of exposure, you’re laughing and interacting in Spanish. That’s how it works in the Accelerated Spanish class. Jane becomes Rosa, Peter becomes Mario and both start speaking Spanish from day one in a relaxed and positive atmosphere. In this Spanish class, colorful posters tell you numbers, colors, expressions, verbs in different tenses and so on. Imagine identifying, in Spanish, fifty different objects after practicing only ten minutes? How about at the end of each session putting all you’ve learned in long term memory with the help of soft music? Well, Accelerated Spanish is all. This method has great techniques to teach the perfect Spanish accent. Learn such greetings as “good morning, hello, how are you?, I’m fine,” plus family names like father and mother; numbers; common expressions like please and thank you; colors; opposites such as tall and short; how to tell time; days of the week; body parts; how to order in a restaurant; present tense verbs and an introduction to the future tense.
Instructor: Tessy Atcheson
Area of Town:  Greenway Plaza Area: Richmond/Kirby
Price:               $195
Class #Class Dates
Y2511C4 Mon & 4 Wed 6-9pm May 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28, Jun 2, 4

To register, click on the Class Number link above. (For online classes only, go to www.ed2go.com/llu to register.)

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