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Test Preparation With PrimeScore--LSAT

The first step in pursuing a career as an attorney is to get admitted to law school. Higher LSAT scores translate into increased opportunities for admission into competitive law schools and for receiving scholarships and financial aid. Try a free class to see how a PrimeScore LSAT course can help you raise your score by teaching you how to apply test-taking strategies that will help you save time, guess wisely, and avoid falling for common traps.

Those who enroll in a PrimeScore LSAT course receive the following benefits:

  • A risk-free trial: Try a session before your payment is due.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. Students are welcome to repeat the course at no extra charge without restrictions.
  • Comprehensive preparation including proven test-taking strategies: Learn test-taking strategies that will help you save time and avoid common traps that appear on the LSAT, while receiving the added benefit of improving your reading and analytical skills. See what these tests are like by taking several diagnostic tests. Instructional hours: 30.
  • Expert Instruction: Mike Wagner (MBA, Rice), who founded PrimeScore in 2001 after teaching for Kaplan in 1998-99, teaches this course. He scored at the 99th percentile on the LSAT.
  • Live, classroom instruction:Students enjoy the benefits of live, face-to-face interaction with the instructor and fellow students, interaction not available with online courses and videos.
  • Big Savings: Save up to 50% verses other companies. Our course is just $599 verses other courses which exceed $1000.
  • Small classes: Although class size is limited to 15 students, many courses have 10 or fewer students.

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